A Fashion Film

DEXTER is a cutting-edge fashion brand known for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions in the industry. With a focus on edgy designs and unconventional aesthetics, DEXTER caters to a diverse audience of fashion-forward individuals seeking unique and provocative styles. They represent the heights of bay area talent, has been showcased several years at New York Fashion Week, and was featured on Project Runway.

DEXTER approached us with a bold vision for their latest fashion film: to create an irreverent world. They wanted the film to capture the essence of their brand – dark and broody yet sensual and evocative – while showcasing their latest collection in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant way.

We conceptualized a narrative that would immerse viewers in a dreamlike world, where angst and sensuality come alive, incorporating elements of suspense, mystery, and intrigue, reminiscent of iconic horror films. We meticulously planned every aspect of the production, from casting and costume design to set decoration and cinematography, ensuring that every detail aligned with the brand's aesthetic and narrative vision. Our talented cast and crew brought the story to life with their performances and technical expertise, capturing the essence of DEXTER's brand ethos in every frame.

The film generated significant buzz on social media, attracting attention from fashion influencers, industry insiders, and fans of alternative culture. DEXTER saw a surge in brand awareness and engagement as a result, with their latest collection receiving heightened interest and demand from consumers.

"Working with Triangle Twins on our latest fashion film was an incredible experience. They understood our vision from the outset and brought it to life with creativity, professionalism, and a keen eye for detail. It drove tons of traffic to our website and or sales boomed. I can’t wait to jam with them again." — Dexter Simmons


Alex Wells
Caleb Altice
Amani McCray
Khennedi Meeks
Bradley Edmonds


Director / Producer   
Director of Photography  
Stills Photography  
Assistant Camera   
Photo Assistant   

Video Production   
Photo Production   
Talent Agency
   Adam Avilla
   Ethan Indorf
   Michael Sullivan
   Dex Broughton
   Caleb Altice
   Triangle Twins
   New Work Agency
   3 Model Management

Special thanks to our friends at WTBR

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