Brand Film

Next Legacy  is a venture capital firm formed through the merger of Legacy Venture and Next Play Capital, two leading players in the investment industry. With a focus on supporting innovative startups and entrepreneurs, Next Legacy aims to drive positive change and create lasting impact in various sectors, including technology, sports, and community development.

Next Legacy approached Triangle Twins with the task of creating a brand film that would effectively communicate the vision, values, and unique positioning of the newly formed venture capital firm. The goal was to showcase the expertise and leadership of the founders, who are recognized experts in their respective fields, and highlight Next Legacy's commitment to supporting youth and professional sports programs, as well as community outreach initiatives. The founders' passion and commitment to their mission were palpable throughout the filming process, providing rich material for the brand film.

The film served as a powerful tool for raising awareness of Next Legacy's brand and mission, attracting interest from potential investors, entrepreneurs, and community partners. Next Legacy saw increased engagement and visibility across their digital platforms, with the brand film serving as a cornerstone of their marketing and communications strategy. The video sits prominently and at the forefront of their website.


Director of Photography
Camera Assistant
Key Grip
Adam Avilla
Ethan Indorf
Dexx Broughton
Clay Kerri
Ryan Moore
Ken Butler
Dexter Simmons

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